Matthias “MH” Huber

Matthias Huber is a freelance photographer based in South Germany and is specialized in adventure and landscape photography.

His love for photography is closely linked to his passion for traveling and experiencing raw nature. He combines these qualities with the constant search for iconic landscapes and awesome lighting moods in his photographs.

Matthias was published worldwide in various magazines, books and online from leading media like National Geographic, GEO, Outodoor Photographer and Huffington Post.

He worked sucessfully with global brands like Microsoft, Tamron and Nokia and was invited as the German Ambassador by VisitFinland.

My Philosophie

In this TEDx I talk about my passion for photography and how we can take lessons from photography and adopt them to other parts of our life.

The talk is in German but there are subtitles available. To summarize the talk, here are the five main bullet points I focused on:

1. You have to leave your comfort zone to achieve the extraordinary
2. Believe in yourself and take a little risk
3. Stay persistent
4. Be spontaneous and recognize opportunities
5. Be thankful